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Flexible Molding

Carter Millwork has a large inventory of flexible molds and will custom create a mold for your molding.  Flex molds are UV protected and can come as stainable.  Maintain the look you want even over arched windows with pre arched flex mold.  Easy to work with (cuts like wood) and has a lifetime warranty.

Resinart is a company just like Carter flexible moldings.  

Architectural Superstore has a tremendous array of products.  One of its finest is the Coral Light line.  Purchased and integrated into Superstore several years ago the quality of the mold is exceptional.  The flex molding or the rigid molding cannot be discerned from real coral stone.  Moldings, collumns, panels, faux beams, corbels, keystones and more.

Semi Rigid Synthetic Molding

U. S. Lumber is a huge supplier of building supplies.  One of their items is synthetic moldings.  Good selection at extremely affordable prices.  U. S. Lumber has much to offer: dimesional lumber, panel products, fire treated lumber, columns, MDF board, pvc boards and panels, decking, etc.  Choose Jacksonville for "branch".

Fypon urethane moldings can be used interior or exterior.  Many, many profiles from which to choose.  Window surrounds, crown moldings, faux beams, shutters, column wraps, railing systems, gable vents, and a timber and stone line.

Spectis is a synthetic molding company in the same vein as Fypon.  A large catalog of molding of every size shape and description.  Gingerbread, medallions, brackets, trellis, and lots more.  

Synthetic trim

Kleer has composite pvc trimboards and panels.  Tongue and groove boards that hold up to the worst weather while giving insects and any form of rot no place to start.  Boards as large as 2x12 and sheets as thick as 2" and 10' long.  Blended to hold paint better than the rest.

Azek is a brand well kown throughout the U. S.  One of the original deck manufacturers, they also produce a line of plastic moldings and trim boards.

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