Orr Woodworks Inc.

Building Materials & Woodworking

Other Products that we handle, but may not stock

Orr Woodworks wants you to know that we are there for you on a vast array of products.

Exotic Woods -- both in the rough (4/4, 8/4) and machined to your specs

IPE -- one of the more popular exotics -- decking material and lumber

and timbers.

Fir -- 1x and 2x as well as timbers.

MDF -- 1x lumber product thru 4x8 sheets,

Veneers -- wood backed and paper backed. All species available.

Specialty plywoods -- See Hood Distribution -- bending plys, exterior types, specialty faces, exotic species, must see to appreciate.

Timbers -- Rough Sawn Cedar, Cypress, Fir and others -- also as S4S

Fire Treated lumber -- interior and exterior fire treatments.

Wood shingle products - cedar shake, cedar panel

Marine plywoods -- several grades and thicknesses

Wood profiles -- 1 x 4, 1 x 6, 1 x 8 T & G's in almost any species (beaded, center match, v-joint), Siding products in a variety of woods, 2 x 4 T & G SYP, Beveled Cedar Siding, Scallop siding, Log cabin siding, Shiplaps, and many more.

LVL's and Glulams -- all the sizes and lengths

Simpson Products -- Fastners, buckets, strapping, the biggest name in the business.

Laminates - Formica, Wilson Art, Pionite

Columns -- Wood and Synthetic

PVC -- moldings and sheet goods (all the way through 2" x 4' x 10')

Hollow metal doors with Hollow metal jambs -- Commercial and residential -- Fire rated, panic devices

Cabinet hardware -- pulls, knobs, slides, hinges, etc.

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