Orr Woodworks Inc.

Building Materials & Woodworking

Logan Lumber supplies a variety of high quality wood products. Rough sawn cedar, siding profiles, timbers, LVL's. Tongue and groove pre-finished products from Synergy, and others. See their site for a local listing of products that Orr Woodworks can order for you.

U S Lumber -- nationally known with a large inventory of standard and specialty products for the residantial construction industry. Excellent pricing, and lead times that are just what you need.  See their site for a listing of the many products available through them.  Some of their products we stock, but we can always get the ones we don't.

SYNERGY ---Sold through Logan Lumber, but deserves its own link.  A popular item.  T & G v-joint pre-finished lumbers.  One of the most popular is the "e-peck" versions.  Get perfect finishes and perfect pecky instead of taking the chances with market stock.  Not to mention their Barnsiding -- a brushed wood that is then stained to give you that old barn siding look.  Made in Cypress, Ponderosa pine, Southern Yellow pine, and see the variety of finishes at their site.

Take a hard look at all the materials available from Hood Distribution.  From the regular plywoods to the types no one thought existed.  Then there's their rough wood selection.  T & G's no problem.  It's another one of these, "You have to see it to believe it".

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