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Mirror, BiPass, and Pocket Doors

Press Rite door hardware specializes in the finest quality ball-bearing door bearing hardware. Used for any BiPassing (including Multi-Pass) door unit, Pocket door frames (as replacement hardware), and for any version of the BiFold door unit.

Johnson Hardware is probably one of the best known of the Pocket and BiPass door companies. They offer several different levels of tracking and corresponding trucks. U-channel to I-beam, carry the weight of any door, no matter how heavy. Johnson has and we stock several different pre-packaged BiPass units, light to heavy duty, with and without fascia.

Contractors Wardrobe doors has a variety of doors, but mirrored doors are the main focus here. Offering a large line of both standard sizes and custom capabilities. A variety of mirrors with beveled edges, frames and no framed glass, and a range of frames in different colors. Made to go in easy and last long while giving maintenance free service.

Marwin company also has mirrored doors at the right price. Great selection at an affordable price. Marwin is a manufacturer of pocket frames, and hidden attic stair systems, doors, and mirrored bi-pass systems.

Woodfold rounds out the selections with accordi0n doors. Bringing to you the very best in accordi0n doors. Able to create your room divider in any wood you would like and will even emboss a picture of you choice on the panels. An elegant way to section off areas without using valuable space in doing so.

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