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Interior Doors

Let's start with MDF

TruStile is one of the premier manufacturers of MDF doors, as well as their

wood door line - see the incredible number of variations of types of doors,

glass patterns, and styles available.  Lifetime warranties and superior

craftsmanship are hallmarks of a TruStile door.  If their vast array of door styles doesn't satisfy your tastes then one design

on yourself.  TruStile will be glad to manufacture your very own custom door.  All MDF doors are created from MDF parts,

much like the process for making wood doors.  See the methods at their site.       www.trustile.com

and         http://www.trustile.com/literature?utm_term=Request-Catalog&utm_campaign=florida-case-study&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Net-Results&utm_content=florida-case-study#

Timberland Door manufactures MDF doors from slabs of MDF that are

C&C'd to the many designs offered.  Some styles have to have that human touch,

such as their Plantation louver design or the many raised molding styles.  

Timberland can make doors 5' wide and 10' tall.  Create your own door pattern or

choose from an extensive catalog.   www.timberlanddoor.com 

   ***  Some of the other companies that supply MDF doors are Supa, Cyma, and Rogue Valley***

Supa builds their doors from boards that have been created from MDF product. 

Cyma and Rogue Valley both create their doors with the C&C method.

A major marketing point of MDF doors is that they are a sustainable type of manufacturing process.  MDF also has excellent sound dampening qualities and the weight of the door has that solid feel.

Interior Wood Doors

Traditional wood doors always has the solidness and warmth of wood

Lemieux is a manufacturer of custom and standard profile doors.  They can


create your door in almost any wood that you would choose.  Their

 craftsmanship is excellent and their prices are affordable.  As always see their 

site for construction methods,  standard styles, and additional upgrades that can

 be added.  www.lemieuxdoors.com

Woodgrain  builds doors with a keen eye towards craftsmanship.  One of the largest 

manufacturers of pine doors in the United States they strive to maintain an environmental 

balance of production and eco-friendly positions.  Alder, Fir, Poplar, Cherry, Maple are just 

some of the woods that they use to create doors.  See their site for all the options - panel 

options, designs, stickings, and glass.    www.woodgraindoors.com 

Signamark  offers a line of contemporary style doors that are executed in fine detail. 

They do not do custom doors, but their offering is a highly desirable one.  Formal elegance is the

watch words for Signamark.  Put your Signature on your living space.  See their site.  


EWD not only makes fine HVHZ (high velocity hurricane zone) wood doors, but they make interior doors also.  Made in South America, EWD offers many extras at a very affordable price.  Using the South American versions of North American woods such as Oak and Walnut, EWD crafts doors that are not only beautiful, but are also long lasting.  Woods cut in tropical regions have a higher silica content and tend to wear better and longer.  See some of their designs or design your own.   www.ewdoors.com

TruStile makes wood doors as well as the MDF.  Beautifully crafted from your choice of woods and in any design you wish, including arch and radius top doors and pairs.  TruStile uses two methods of construction.  One, as seen on the left, uses an LVL and engineered panel and the other is a stave core method.  Either method dramatically resists warping and produces a very damage resistant door.  TruStile is truly at the pinnacle of craftsmanship.  See them at  www.trustile.com

Bufflen door has a wonderful line of interiors to accent its line of exterior doors, even HVHZ

doors.  Solid manufacturing and fine craftsmanship create a door you'll be glad to own.  Choose from their

catalog of door designs and available woods.   see them at    www.bufflendoor.com

Molded Doors

Molded door skins are manufactured by Masonite and Jeld-wen.  There are some 

crossover styles and there are styles unique to each manufacturer.  Molded doors 

styles come in both hollow core and solid core.  Hollow cores are a  great economical 

choice for closets and room where sound dampening is not an issue.  Solid cores are 

better for rooms such as bedrooms and bathrooms.  Molded doors also generally, 

but not always come in either a wood grain surface or a smooth surface.   Choices in 

the molded door lines have been expanding lately trying to catch the latest trends.  

See the two websites for all the options.

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