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      Exterior, Interior, Pocket, BiPass, Sliding, Barn, Bifold

                                                        Orr Woodworks has them all

When your building or renovating your doors make a statement.  A statement that everyone sees and it leaves an unspoken message.  Doors describe how you feel about the world.  Always the first great impression that anyone has of your home is the entry.  It sets the tone.  Is it warm, or stately, or understated, or homey.  They describe to your visitors how you relate to the world.

Interior doors make the room and enhance your décor.  So the type of door can say something too.  Should it be a Barn door, or a Swing door, or a Pocket door?  Each will help your friends welcome to my world.

Orr Woodworks has Exterior Doors  --

          Fiberglass, Wood, Aluminum, Steel  --  HVHZ and Wind Borne Debris as well as Non-impact

 Interior Doors --

         Hollow Core Molded, Solid Core Molded, MDF, Woods (pine, cherry, oak, etc.)

All the types of doors from multiple manufacturers so that you get the most choices to suit your needs.

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