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     Fiberglass, the choice for Florida

Plastpro  is one of the 4 manufacturers that we offer.  Plastpro fiberglass doors come in a variety of configurations and several surface finishes, rustic mahogany, textured (oak), and smooth.  Plastpro offers their own proprietary glass as well as the availability of using insert manufacturer glasses.  Orr recommends that they be hung in composite pvc jambs (whether textured or smooth) and add stainless steel hinges and you have a beautiful door that will last a lifetime.

Masonite (a giant multi national company) makes several lines of fiberglass doors; Barrington, Belville, and smooth.  Like all of the fiberglass companies they have a number of proprietary lines of glass and can accept other manufacturer glass inserts.  Like Plastpro, the Belville (smooth and woodgrain) line features a composite pvc frame, so that all edges are water and insect impervious. 

ThermaTru is a well respected fiberglass company that has been an industry leader for a long time.  ThermaTru offers a lifetime warranty.  Like all the fiberglass manufactures, ThermaTru has hurricane zone doors.  It's just that the engineering goes a little beyond at ThermaTru.  See all their glass at their site and know that they also have templates for inserts.  ThermaTru configurations handle a number of situations for  which other manufacturers don't have a solution.


PGT  is probably the premier aluminum door company for south Florida.   Started on the Gulf coast, PGT has grown from a small concern into the multi-billion dollar business it is today.  They started in this market and grew up in this market.  No one knows our special needs better.


Signature Door  builds beautiful wood doors that have Florida approvals both for HVHZ and for non HVHZ zones.  Design any configuration you wish and they will build it -- no need to only choose from a restricted pre-designed catalog set.  Also choose the wood that you like  -- whether Mahogany (great for our sub-tropical climate) or oak, walnut, fir, etc.

EWD is the most economical HVHZ door we sell.  Made in South America with tropical species of wood - oak, mahogany, and walnut (Roble, Mara Macho, and Yesquero).  Again custom design is the rule not the exception.  Hand carving at a very affordable price is an exquisite addition to your entry.  Wrought iron glasses, divided lite, castle door profiles, contemporary glass, Distressed wood, multi-point locking systems, raised moldings are some of the options that won't cost a fortune.  Custom stained glass is also available.  www.ewd.com


Steel is seldom the choice for South Florida, except for Commercial Steel Doors.  Orr Woodworks vends both types.  So if you need 20 gauge or heavier light commercial doors, see us.  High gauge Hollow Metal Frames with the low to high galvanization treatments (including the 15 year frames).   We sell the accouterments also, closers (fire rated and adjustable), panic devices (single and double doors, face mount and edge mount), surface mount bolts, louver insert (self sealing and air flow), kick plates, push plates, view lights, specialty thresholds, etc.  Need commercial locking hardware?  We offer a variety - Schlage, Cal-Royal, Yale, and others.  For residential steel doors see ThermaTru or Jeld-Wen

Insert Glass

Most decorative glass used in Fiberglass and Steel doors is from one of the glass insert companies.  Below are two of the main suppliers that Orr Woodworks uses.  Check their sites for the many offerings.

ODL is a major manufacturer of glass inserts for fiberglass and steel doors.  They also offer tube skylights.  Of their many products some are rated as "impact", but not all.  See their site for the details. Virtually all assemblers use ODL inserts which means that you can have them in ThermaTru, Plastpro, or Masonite doors.  www.odl.com

RSL is another manufacturer of glass inserts.  One of the unique features of RSL is that they will make any rectangular glass into an "impact" glass.   RSL can be used in Plastpro or ThermaTru doors.  Visit their site to see the possibilities.  www.rslinc.com 

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