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Door Knobs, Levers, and Locks

              Orr Woodworks deals with a number of lock companies in order to supply the exact                             right look to your doors.  From the economical to the fashionable designer handles

Baldwin door locks for the very best.  Choose from the mortise or the tubular series.  Any time you choose Baldwin you choose the very finest in design, mechanics, and finish.  Combine roses and escutcheons  with different handles to create your own unique look.

Ashley Norton remains one of the finest door hardware companies.   They bring both contemporary style and lines that are reminiscent of the old world flair.  When quality is the goal then Ashley Norton is the answer. Ashley Norton employs European engineering for the finest in handle reaction.

Omnia hardware strives to supply a highly functional product with top of the line styling at an affordable price.  Sold all over the world with the same attention to detail.  Omnia hardware is a supplier to the Residential and high end commercial markets.  A brand that is well known to architects and project designers. 

Emtek door hardware is style and design at very affordable prices.  With all the excitement of locks costing twice the price Emtek still maintains that sold feel of a high quality lock.  Always upgrading their line to capture the best of the newest trends they never-the- less still retain the designs that are more traditional.

Rocky Mountain hardware expertly crafted for every need.  You'll find many designs and many designers at Rocky Mountain.  You haven't seen door knobs, locks, and handles until you've seen Rocky Mountain.  Exceptional detail and craftsmanship.  Individually cast and backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Hoppe hardware for windows and doors.  As they say, American and European high performance products.  Multipoint procucts.

More Cost Conscious

Schlage knobs, levers, and handlesets are the backbone of the lock market.  Somewhat less choices does not mean any sacrifice of quality.  Lifetime warranties on both finish and mechanics, set them apart from all the rest.  Affordable and dependable that's a Schlage lock.  Their line extends into a strong array of commercial locks that are the standard of the industry.  Not to mention they have solutions to lock problems that are unique.

Kwikset is the other major player in the cost conscious market.  Many styles from which to choose and a nice array of color choices.  One thing that Kwikset offers that truly sets them apart is their Smart Key line.  It enables the owner to re-key locks in seconds.  A brilliant an elegant design, Smart Key has no equal.  

Coppercreek handles are extremely affordable.  Solid action to handles and throws let you know you haven't sacrificed to own Coppercreek.   Limited choices mean lower cost and more for your money.  See some examples at our showroom and find that performance does not have to be sacrificed for price.

Cal-Royal  is a strong performer in the commercial market, but they have their place in the residential market also.  Cal-Royal has commercial solutions and designs from the very affordable to the expensive.  Made to the exacting standards of commercial ANSI I & II still manages the exceptionally affordable commercial lock.

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