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Synthetic Trims and Siding

Miratec. A company (subsidiary of Jeld-Wen) that does one thing and does it well. So cost efficient. And with a 50 year warranty.  What else is there to say.

Royal Building Products produces a line of pvc exterior trim that is quite economical.  In addition they have several other lines.  They also produce:  Sidings ( lap, shingle, board and batten ), moldings, shutters, window trims, vents, and others.  

Fypon urethane trims are seen on a couple different pages at this website, because of their extensive catalog of products.  As you can see in the picture they have product for S4S trim, vents, molding, fascia, soffit, and siding (especially decorative).

Siding Products

Allura is a fiber cement company that manufactures different types of siding products.  From lap siding and 4 x 8 panels.  Each made with a variety of textures.  Also available as pre-finished.  Lap siding (smooth and woodgrain), Panel products (smooth, woodgrain, stucco, and grooved), shaker shingles (staggered and straight), trim boards, faux stones (interior and exterior), and soffit (vented and non-vented). Less expensive and less toxic All with a 50 year warranty.  

JamesHardie is the industry leader in fiber cement.  They set the pace and the industry follows.  Their product line needs to be seen at their site.  Some products for South Florida and others are not.  Lap, panel, backer, shingle, trim, house wrap, vertical and all available as pre-finished.  Warranty varies per product.

Faux Beams

Some of the Companies that have synthetic Beams

Faux Beams from Superior Building Supplies.  They have a variety of other decorative faux items such as faux stone, logs, brick, including customization for each of these.

Architectural Superstore, as noted elsewhere on this site, has many types of products for decorative purposes.  They have some beautiful designs in very realistic coral stone.  They have mantels, full fireplaces, fountains, moldings, brick-a-brack, and of course beams.

Fypon also has faux beams along with their variety of moldings, faux stone, medallions, window trim, trellis systems, shutters, gable vents, railing systems, and more.

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