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             Cabinet Hardware

Some situations call for specialty hardware and sometimes you just want it   Below are some of the companies that Orr Woodworks uses for specialty hardware.

Cabinet handles, cabinet hinges, drawer slides, barn door hardware, sliding door hardware, hidden door hardware, decorative pulls, closet organization, hidden doors.

Hafele A well known solution provider for all types of cabinetry and doors.  Hafele has a very high quality line of hardware and an extremely competent engineering department to solve all your problems, no matter how complex.  Barn doors, drawer slides, cabinet knobs, decorative pulls, closet organization, hidden doors, sliding systems (glass and wood), specialty hinges, casters and glides, computer accessories, etc.

Strybuc is a provider of window and door hardware that is both current and out of production.  If you're looking to salvage a situation that otherwise is going to cost you a lot of time, effort, and money then Strybuc is the one to turn to.  They have a massive catalog of hard to find parts with drawings that help you decide if it is indeed the right part for the job.

Hardware Imagination is a provider of melamines, pre-finished plywoods, drawer systems cabinet locks, closet accessories, grommets, wood carvings, casters, catches, latches, clips, brackets, partition hardware, tools, solvents, adhesives, and more.

   ************  Mica  *********** 

Let Orr Woodworks custom create your Mica countertops.  Choose from the hundreds of mica choices for a beautiful and long lasting counter.

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